League Format

2017 JSA Girls Volleyball League Format

Welcome to the 2017 JSA Girls Club Volleyball League! We have outlined the format for the League Tournaments on this page. League Tournaments are: League #1, League #2, League #3, League #4, and League Finals. This format is does not apply to March Madness or any other Non-League tournaments.

Teams will be seeded into League #1 based on the results of the Qualifiers. Seeding into League #2 through Finals will be based on overall points. Leagues #1, #2, #3, #4 will follow this format:

Round 1: 3, 4 or 5 team pools. Matches will consist of best 2 out of 3 sets to 25 points, deciding set 15 points (no cap on any set). Pool results will be based on matches won/lost. Tie breaking procedures 1. Matches won, 2. Sets won, 3. Head to Head (2 way tie only), 4. Point differential, 5. Initial seed.

Teams will take over seeds if they move up or down in pool.

Round 2: Teams will move into brackets based on seeds; Gold Bracket, Silver Bracket, Bronze Bracket, and Copper Bracket. Bracket formats will change based on the number of teams in the tournament.

Point System

The following point system will be used:

1st – 100 points
2nd – 98 points
3rd – 97 points
4th – 96 points
5th – 95 points
6th – 94 points
7th – 93 points
8th – 92 points
…and so on

League #1 points will be multiplied by 1.5
League #2 points will be multiplied by 2
League #3 points will be multiplied by 2.5
League #4 points will be multiplied by 3
Finals points will be multiplied by 3.5

Tournament Withdrawals

Teams who wish to withdraw from a tournament must cancel their tournament booking a minimum of 7 days prior to the tournament they wish to withdraw from. Clubs who submit withdrawal notices inside the 7 day window will be billed a $150 penalty fee.